As F. Kenneth Taylor and K.G Bethlehem, the authors of The Shadow Within A City (S.W.A.C) Book Series, previously mentioned, they teamed up with India’s, Sanghamitra Dasgupta for the cover of the new installment, “Shadow Within A City II: Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse.” The Duo will debut the book in just a few weeks at The […]

The Nucleus

S.W.A.C. II: Excerpt: Chap. 11: “Carnivore” Kemetic, LLC The former French surgeon, Dr. Jacques DuCroix, sat casually, drinking orange-sassafras herbal tea, and browsing through Ultra Men’s Health magazine with his ears tuned in to MCPD’s frequency for anything suspicious. Dr. Payne and Sergio were in the basement level of the two-family flat where Yosul’s loft […]

The Forever Spring—Ebook has finally arrived!

THE E-BOOK VERSION HAS FINALLY ARRIVE!!! In the dystopian world of Shadow Kill comes a remarkable story of a friend from a background that no one would have ever expected. Sarah Renee Johnson, the daughter of SCAF Intelligence High Agent William Johnson detailed life in the Georgia territory of North Atlantic Front. Agent Johnson entrusted […]

SWAC Prequel, “P.R.O.B.E” Available on KDP!

That’s right, the prequel to the entire Shadow Within A City (S.W.A.C) Book Series, “P.R.O.B.E: Project Research of Banned Experiments, is now available as an ebook for only $2.99! Meet the five, underachieving scientists, who not only saves the world from a major terrorist cell and global chaos, but who also become the ruthless founders […]

Birthright to Ruin: The Age Of BloodOath

SCAF File# 010C-N* – (Elite Mgt. Monitoring File) Name: Periluss Nicolas Simms Alias: BloodOath Age: 35 years old Birthplace: Isle of New Sweden Gold Coast Territory Parents: Hayden & Krishna Simms(*Non-interfering Class). Height: 6’6 Weight: 275lbs Hairstyle: Long Hair Color: White & Grey Eye Color: Red File Alert Status (FAS): N/A We often want the […]