Taylor & Bethlehem: Authors On The Rise!

The “Shadow Within A City” Book Series originally began in 2002 as a dark comic series entitled, “ShadowKill.” ShadowKill was the brain-child of K.G. Bethlehem and Joel [yo-elle] Charles. KG, would go on to become one of the lead writers of the series, while Joel would become the lead artist. Eventually, several more artists including; […]

In shadows of conversation…

“Where am I,” questioned Zohara unafraid. “You are where you need to be—the anywhere place,” remarked the young man. Zohara looks at the handsome young man, his hair, his deep voice and brownish eyes that seem to stare into her soul. “I don’t understand, can you just tell me where I am.” “I actually cannot, […]

“She is to be remembered” book giveaway!

A. Tragedy involving a family member B. Developed her powers naturally by birth C. Tragedy involving a close friend D. A visit by an alien who gifted her the powers The first person to answer correctly will win one free copy if “She is to be remembered” either by paperback or e-book. Good luck!