Taylor & Bethlehem: The New Dynamic Duo!

The “Shadow Within A City” Book Series originally began in 2002 as a dark comic series entitled, “ShadowKill.” ShadowKill was the brain-child of K.G. Bethlehem and Joel [yo-elle] Charles. KG, would go on to become one of the lead writers of the series, while Joel would become the lead artist. Eventually, several more artists including; Leonard “Uncle” Taylor and F. Kenneth Taylor would join the project.

Approximately four issues into the series, KG realized he would need help with the writing process, so F. Kenneth Taylor became a writer of the series as well. Unfortunately, ShadowKill would never become the success the group had hoped for, and only the first issue would actually make it to print and publication.

Fast forward to 2012; KG Bethlehem and F. Kenneth Taylor were establishing themselves as Self-Published Authors, and re-visited the 50+ issues of ShadowKill they had written a decade earlier. The duo decided to convert the comic series into a novel series and “Shadow Within A City” (S.W.A.C) was born. Book I, “Shadow Within A City: The Gangland Saga” was published in 2013.

Since publishing Book I; two short-stories; “The Forever Spring” (Bethlehem) and “Serpents & Honor” (Taylor), has been added to the series. KG Bethlehem and F. Kenneth Taylor have also expanded the S.W.A.C Universe by connecting its storyline to their own individual works. The most recent display of this comes with the duo not only including F. Kenneth Taylor’s 2018 Sci-Fi, “P.R.O.B.E” as S.W.A.C. canon; but also making it the official SWAC Series Pre-quel! Currently, KG and F. Kenneth are working hard on the long-awaited sequel and Book II: “S.W.A.C. II: Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse”.



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