The 2019 & 2020 STL Author-Artist Invitational (STLAAI)

In 2018, F. Kenneth Taylor started the St. Louis Author Invitational (STLAI) as a platform for local St. Louis, MO self-published authors to network and meet the residents of their communities face-to-face. The event is always free to the public and primarily financed out-of-pocket with a small, $20 – $30 registration fee that merely ‘softens-the-blow’. The following year, in 2019, as a visual artist himself, he included local St. Louis visual artists and re-named the event, STL Author-Artist Invitational (STLAAI).

At the 2nd (2019) STLAAI, KG Bethlehem made a trip from Waldorf, MD back to his hometown of St. Louis, MO to join his childhood friend, brother-from-another-mother, and SWAC Series co-author, F. Kenneth Taylor. Little to their surprise, they would be reunited with Joel Charles, one of the original story creators and lead artist of the 2003 comic series, ‘ShadowKill’.

Since reuniting with Charles in 2019, Taylor and Bethlehem has been in on-and-off discussions with Charles for him to re-join them on the novel series that originated from the comic series they all began so long ago. Currently, Joel Charles has not re-joined the project, but Taylor and Bethlehem remain very hopeful that he will be convinced with the time is right, until then, they continue to give him due credit for hi substantial contribution to the original project and series.