Excerpt: Detective Higgins: Hard To Kill

This excerpt is from Chapter 7 of SWAC I: The Gangland Saga. Several members of the notorious, Gangland, along with several crooked-ass MCPD cops are sent to kill Detective Glenn Higgins. Later That Night: Detective Higgins’ House             Detective Higgins contemplated on the events surrounding his interview, as he laid in bed and drifted into […]

Kemetek LLC’s True Purpose

Dr. Anthony Payne’s technology franchise, Kemetek, LLC not only provides employment to 75 of Midwest City’s brightest minds, but it also has very covert purposes as well. During the traditional 9 to 5 business hours, Kemetek LLC’s staff busies themselves enhancing computer systems and developing cutting-edge technology and sciences. Unbeknownst to the everyday 9 to […]

Future Miguel Visits “Probe” Scientists – P.R.O.B.E: Chap. 5 Excerpt

This excerpt is from the S.W.A.C prequel, “P.R.O.B.E: Project Research Of Banned Experiments, where the future founders of W.I.S.K meets an interesting stranger during one of their not-so-great moments. Shayla’s head was on a constant swivel.  “This place isn’t that bad,” she said.  “A few shady looking characters, but otherwise ok for being new.”             […]