Southern Maryland Comic Con Recap

On Saturday, November 9th, 2019, S.W.A.C authors, K.G Bethlehem and F. Kenneth Taylor promoted, “Shadow Within A City II: Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse,” as exhibitors/artists at The 2019 Southern Maryland Comic Con. The event took place in Waldorf, MD. This was the duo’s first time working a comic con, but certainly won’t be their last. The […]

Southern Maryland Comic Con 2019

I and F-Kenneth Taylor will he here showcasing artwork and our books centering around the Shadow Within A City series. Also along with other of our dystopian, anti-utopian and science fiction works. Come join us this Saturday! #comicbooks #comiccon #mdcomiccon #dystopianbooks #scfi #scfibooks #stlmade #pgcountyredux

“Non”: S.C.A.F File #7496F

FILE #7496F DATA COLLECTED: Non was part of a scout team researching Earth when NAF and W.I.S.K satellites detected his ship. A brief interplanetary battle followed. He was captured and held at a West Coast W.I.S.K facility before escaping to Reno Ruins, Nevada. Kivalons are intelligent, live thousands of years. The average height is between […]


As F. Kenneth Taylor and K.G Bethlehem previously mentioned, they teamed up with India’s, Sanghamitra Dasgupta for the cover of the new installment, “Shadow Within A City II: Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse.” The Duo will debut the book in just a few weeks at The Maryland Comic Con in Waldorf, MD on Saturday, Nov. 9th, so […]

The Nucleus

S.W.A.C. II: Excerpt: Chap. 11: “Carnivore” Kemetic, LLC The former French surgeon, Dr. Jacques DuCroix, sat casually, drinking orange-sassafras herbal tea, and browsing through Ultra Men’s Health magazine with his ears tuned in to MCPD’s frequency for anything suspicious. Dr. Payne and Sergio were in the basement level of the two-family flat where Yosul’s loft […]