“After all, he is a Simms…”

Hayden P. Simms, was a powerful capitalist and stockbroker with political ties, and his wife Kristina, was a prominent chemist for the newly formed, W.I.S.K. “I saw tears stained on his face. I suppose there’s a logical explanation?” Mrs. Simms sighed. “He returned home from class sobbing again. His classmates taunting him relentless—something should be […]

Chono of Lost Tribe…

“Ok chief, whose the target?” -Chono If you want to read more about Chino of the Japan Intelligence, read in this order: Serpents & Honor by F. Kenneth Taylor Shadow Within a City “Gangland Saga”. By F. Kenneth Taylor and K. G. Bethlehem Shadow Within a City “Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse” By K. G. Bethlehem and […]