In shadows of conversation…

“Where am I,” questioned Zohara unafraid. “You are where you need to be—the anywhere place,” remarked the young man. Zohara looks at the handsome young man, his hair, his deep voice and brownish eyes that seem to stare into her soul. “I don’t understand, can you just tell me where I am.” “I actually cannot, […]

Miguel of Lost Tribe

“Estudié en la universidad. Recibí un título, pero para mi sorpresa, no me preparó para lo que estaba pasando en mi barrio. Mi vecindario estaba sufriendo cuando yo estaba creciendo. Esta mucho peor ahora. Las agencias de el gobierno simplemente se rindieron. Desafortunadamente, nuestros líderes comunitarios también se rindieron…” Miguel Vargas of Lost Tribe swacseries […]

Professor Danetta Garvey of Midwest City, MO

“Patient!? Are you fucking joking!? Women and children at my shelter were killed tonight over senseless fucking violence. That shelter was supposed to be just that—-shelter! The one place they would be safe! There are families in neighborhoods forgotten by the leaders of this fucked up city! Families who lost friends and relatives, and the […]