Derthfang—The triborg…

It all happened in the dark. Death from the shadows, a cry heard by no one as the people echoed the word, “Stop!” It dropped to all fours and bull charged through another building. Broken bricks and debris showered unto the streets, striking and killing more innocent bystanders. Derthfang, a triborg was fully unleashed… -Shadow […]

“After all, he is a Simms…”

Hayden P. Simms, was a powerful capitalist and stockbroker with political ties, and his wife Kristina, was a prominent chemist for the newly formed, W.I.S.K. “I saw tears stained on his face. I suppose there’s a logical explanation?” Mrs. Simms sighed. “He returned home from class sobbing again. His classmates taunting him relentless—something should be […]