SWAC Book Series In A Nutshell


  • P.R.O.B.E – Check out this prequel to learn the origins of W.I.S.K, S.C.A.F, and N.A.F, and those that control them.
  • SWAC I: THE GANGLAND SAGA – Yosul discovers his super-natural abilities and his journey begins in the corruption-infested, Midwest City, secretly ran by BloodOath, Ghost Squad, and the feared—Gangland.
  • THE FOREVER SPRING – What happened to Sarah when she mysteriously disappeared from police custody after a peaceful pro-test? Furthermore… how and why did she disappear?
  • SERPENTS & HONOR – See how the deadly feud between Chono and Matrix began years ago—on the other side of the world!
  • SWAC II: GHOST SQUAD’S APOCALYPSE — Gangland is destroyed. Ghost Squad’s hanging on by a thread. ShadowKill has new, highly formidable foes. See Yosul’s past life in Haiti. BloodOath is off the grid, Sarah’s missing & someone travels through time!
  • SHE IS TO BE REMEMBERED — See what happens when Zohara leaves her ordinary life, embracing her inner-warrior and destiny as Earth’s the last line of defense. She Is to Be Remembered, is the classic tale of good vs. evil.

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