Original SWAC Creator, Joel Charles Rejoins Taylor & Bethlehem!

S.W.A.C authors, KG Bethlehem and F. Kenneth Taylor recently met with Joel Charles via Zoom to rejoin the duo. Joel Charles is one of the original creators of the S.W.A.C story. He was also the Lead Artist in the original, 2003 dark comic, ‘ShadowKill’, in which the book series is derived from.

Charles is set to write a novella that focuses on the early life of the story’s protagonist, ‘Yosul Paul/ShadowKill’, who is based off Charles himself. F. Kenneth Taylor and KG Bethlehem, who remained diligent in asking Charles to return to the project for a number of years, couldn’t be more thrilled about the reunion. Expect to see a lot more from Joel Charles work with the S.W.A.C. Book Series!

Welcome back brother!