NOW AVAILABLE! She Is To Be Remembered

Zohara was just like anyone else; she loved her family dearly and lived an ordinary life.  Little did she know her world would be turned upside-down when The Essentials, Earth’s protectors, bestowed supernatural powers and abilities unto her. Approximately two centuries into the future, the planet had already been rebuilt once, and now there’s a […]

A Glimpse Into SWAC II

Gangland’s demise is complete. Ghost Squad’s days are numbered. Matrix has brought The Serpent Society to Midwest City…and his evil-ass little sister! Det. Higgins seeks out Channel 10 News reporter, Becky Plummer, to help bring down Lt. Simms. As ShadowKill gains new allies and powers, his list of enemies grows and thanks to Dr. Africanus, […]

Characters From Upcoming SWAC Series Novel

Zohora and Kantyi Sora of the upcoming novel “She is to be remembered” releasing in the late spring. Part of the Shadow Within A City universe! #kgbethlehem #indieauthor #dystopia #antiutopia #swacseries #sheistoberemembered #swacbookseries #shadowwithinacity Artwork by Kevin “Baby Kev” Ray of St. Louis, MO