Future Miguel Visits “Probe” Scientists – P.R.O.B.E: Chap. 5 Excerpt

This excerpt is from the S.W.A.C prequel, “P.R.O.B.E: Project Research Of Banned Experiments, where the future founders of W.I.S.K meets an interesting stranger during one of their not-so-great moments. Shayla’s head was on a constant swivel.  “This place isn’t that bad,” she said.  “A few shady looking characters, but otherwise ok for being new.”             […]

One Rowdy-Ass Bar!

Located at the midway point between old downtown Midwest City and the Southside, stands Chuck’s Bar & Grill. Owned by patriotic war vet, Chuck Hardcastle, the establishment is home to shotgun-toting, cornbread-fed country boys, pistol-packing bikers, dirty cops, street thugs, and any other low-lives that manage to crawl out of Midwest City sewers. With clientele […]

MCPD Headquarters

The original downtown St. Louis City police headquarters was destroyed during The Earthquake of 2009, and prompted the new Reconstruction Era for St. Louis that would transform it into Midwest City. The earthquake had also severely damaged, but the historic Union Station located on Market Street. Desperately needing a new police headquarters to combat the […]