One Rowdy-Ass Bar!

Located at the midway point between old downtown Midwest City and the Southside, stands Chuck’s Bar & Grill. Owned by patriotic war vet, Chuck Hardcastle, the establishment is home to shotgun-toting, cornbread-fed country boys, pistol-packing bikers, dirty cops, street thugs, and any other low-lives that manage to crawl out of Midwest City sewers.

Sketch by F. Kenneth Taylor

With clientele like this, it’s easy to see why… and how Chuck’s Bar & Grill was rated #3 on N.A.F’s ‘Most Rowdiest and Deadliest Bars’ list. As one of the regulars, Det. Glenn Higgins has definitely had his share of brawls and even shootouts at his favorite drinking hole. Our anti-hero, ShadowKill himself has even put in some work on Gangland members at Chuck’s Bar & Grill. The ongoing war between Lost Tribe and Gangland ultimately spilled over to Chuck’s Bar & Grill and caused extensive damage that nearly led Hardcastle to permanently close the doors to his pride-and-joy. However, after a combination of elbow-rubbing and stepping on a few necks, Chuck Hardcastle received enough funding to rebuild and continue the rowdy-ass reputation of Chuck’s Bar & Grill.

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