EXCERPT: Serpents & Honor: Eastern Atlantic Front (EAF) Fears The Serpent Society

Kyoto, Japan: 15 Years Ago: Japanese Intelligence (J.I.) Office             An honest—aging man of law looked out the window silently; arms behind his back with intertwined fingers.  The bald, short, five-foot-three, small-framed man began to lightly stroke his thin, lengthy, gray and white beard.  Moderately, he pivoted in military fashion, and now faced a much […]

The Core

It’s no secret that Lost Tribe has Yosul’s/ShadowKill’s back when he’s in the trenches wiping out Midwest City’s street criminals, but they are not his core support group. His core team consists of Dr. Anthony Payne, Prof. Deanetta Garvey, Det. Glenn Higgins, and Sarah Johnson. Each member of this group unit plays a different role […]