The Core

It’s no secret that Lost Tribe has Yosul’s/ShadowKill’s back when he’s in the trenches wiping out Midwest City’s street criminals, but they are not his core support group. His core team consists of Dr. Anthony Payne, Prof. Deanetta Garvey, Det. Glenn Higgins, and Sarah Johnson. Each member of this group unit plays a different role in supporting Yosul and ShadowKill. Without the core unit, Yosul/ShadowKill would find much more difficulty in combatting Midwest City’s criminal element–afterall, super powers can only get you so far.

The core unit has been with Yosul ever since his arrival in Midwest City, in which the Georgia native, Sarah, contributed significantly to. Although he met each member of his core unit by coincidence, there’s no doubt it was destiny for their paths to not only meet, but to also merge into a force to be reckoned with. Here’s how each member acts a piece to a larger puzzle.

  • Dr. Payne – Yosul/ShadowKill’s mentor & financier for their cause
  • Det. Higgins – The inside connection at MCPD
  • Prof. Garvey – Yosul’s activist, love interest that keeps him grounded
  • Sarah Johnson – The friend with a mysterious past who watches his back even when he don’t know it
  • Yosul/ShadowKill – The anti-hero protagonist leading the charge against N.A.F & S.C.A.F

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