EXCERPT: Serpents & Honor: Eastern Atlantic Front (EAF) Fears The Serpent Society

Kyoto, Japan: 15 Years Ago:

Japanese Intelligence (J.I.) Office

            An honest—aging man of law looked out the window silently; arms behind his back with intertwined fingers.  The bald, short, five-foot-three, small-framed man began to lightly stroke his thin, lengthy, gray and white beard.  Moderately, he pivoted in military fashion, and now faced a much younger gentleman.  “Inspector Qwan, our underestimation has caused this problem to worsen significantly.  I stand open to proposals.”

            “As I mentioned previously Chief Iroku,” the youthful Inspector spoke, “you excel in exaggeration. These are mere street thugs, they’ll surmount to nothing.”

            The elder, experienced Chief retorted.  “As I mentioned previously—my eager apprentice—you allow your youth to cloak your thoughts.  You react only in the physical with no regard to the mental—a bad practice.  This isn’t an average gang—they’re much wiser.”

            “With all due respect Chief, the ability to spell doesn’t make them smarter.  Yes, I’ve seen their signature throughout the city; The Serpent Society—who cares?”

            “You should.  They’ve eluded apprehension on numerous occasions.  They’re responsible for murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, extortion; what ends will they stop at?”

            “Chief Iroku, please calm yourself.”

“Perhaps I will when you comprehend the severity of the matter.  Perhaps when Governor Jau-Pau stops phoning me and dials your number.  Perhaps when the murders cease, or when the missing and presumed dead abductees are found—then, I’ll calm down.”

“I’m beginning to get the message.”

“I pray you do—The Serpent Society must be stopped.  Find their leader.”

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