MCPD Headquarters

The original downtown St. Louis City police headquarters was destroyed during The Earthquake of 2009, and prompted the new Reconstruction Era for St. Louis that would transform it into Midwest City. The earthquake had also severely damaged, but the historic Union Station located on Market Street. Desperately needing a new police headquarters to combat the rising crime in their new city, and the shine as a beacon of security, the executives at N.A.F. and S.C.A.F. renovated the historic landmark into another era as well as MCPD Headquarters.

The location was idea and would also provide shelter and safety from the now rising and major flood waters of The Mighty Mississippi River. Very few remnants of the once bustling train station remained, most noticeably was the clock tower which was now equipped with an exterior, glass elevator and served a multitude of confidential purposes. Top tier architects gave MCPD a sleek, conceptual and futuristic design that would compliment new structures rising up around it.

MCPD, a state-of-the-art facility consisted of concealed armaments on the exterior, advanced satellite and surveillance systems city-wide, militaristic weaponry and vehicles including HoverCar squad patrol units, a late-model stealth copter and much more. Even the holding cells were outfitted with pulsating bars of electricity that ensured detainees would remain, ‘detainees’. The CSI labs were technologically unrivaled as the Control Room was so advanced it reduced ‘Big-Brother’ to an innovative, primitive blunder. Led by the respectful, but often criticized, Chief Terry Jones, residents of Midwest City shared mixed thoughts regarding their police department. Finally, MCPD was home to the infamous, Lt. Periluss Simms and his ‘rough-around-the-edges’ rival, Detective Glenn Higgins.