F. Kenneth Taylor—A look into a amazing artist

Quick bio–

In June 2018, F. Kenneth Taylor returned to his artistic roots and began painting again, primarily focusing on Acrylic Abstract and Landscape pieces, while dabbing in Watercolor. He participated in the 2018 Let Them Eat Art Festival, The 2018 St. Louis African-American Arts Festival & Bizarre (St. LAAFAB). In Jan. 2019, Northwest Coffee Roasting Company hosted F. Kenneth’s first Artist Exhibition, and he ranks as 1 of 7 hand-selected artists to participate in an upcoming 2019 Abstract Art Exhibit at St. Louis’ Urb Arts Gallery.

Visit https://fkennethtaylor.com/

–F. Kenneth Taylor is a prolific, brilliant writer from St. Louis, Missouri. He is an accomplished writer of science fiction, dystopian and poetry. He is also an amazing artist. F. Kenneth Taylor is known in the spoken word circuit in Missouri as well.

Here is his spoken word piece called– “Seconds.” Check it out and when you get a chance visit his page to read more of his work (link below his profile pic).