A Glimpse Into SWAC II

Gangland’s demise is complete. Ghost Squad’s days are numbered. Matrix has brought The Serpent Society to Midwest City…and his evil-ass little sister! Det. Higgins seeks out Channel 10 News reporter, Becky Plummer, to help bring down Lt. Simms. As ShadowKill gains new allies and powers, his list of enemies grows and thanks to Dr. Africanus, they’re far more formidable. Meanwhile, BloodOath is off the grid with a personal devotion to his true ilk. While Yosul and Prof. Danetta Garvey’s relationship strengthens, Sarah has disappeared, Yosul’s past is revealed, two Founders of W.I.S.K are introduced, and someone travels through time! Hold on to your seats! KG & F. Kenneth Taylor has packed this installment with tons of surprises!

#swacseries #scifantasy #dystopian #dystopianbooks #antiutopian #kgbethlehem #fkennethtaylor

Artwork by

  • Kevin Ray
  • F. Kenneth Taylor

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