NOW AVAILABLE! She Is To Be Remembered

Zohara was just like anyone else; she loved her family dearly and lived an ordinary life.  Little did she know her world would be turned upside-down when The Essentials, Earth’s protectors, bestowed supernatural powers and abilities unto her. Approximately two centuries into the future, the planet had already been rebuilt once, and now there’s a new threat!? See what happens when Zohara leaves her ordinary life, embracing her inner-warrior and destiny as Earth’s the last line of defense. She Is to Be Remembered, is the classic tale of good vs. evil, with a surprise finale! Who will prevail? ORDER NOW!

Zohora and Kantyi Sora of “She Is To Be Remembered”. The next installment of the Shadow Within A City Universe!

#kgbethlehem #indieauthor #dystopia #antiutopia #swacseries

Artwork by

  • Kevin Ray (St. Louis, MO)

Music of

  • Radiohead – ‘Weird Fishes’