Kemetek LLC’s True Purpose

Dr. Anthony Payne’s technology franchise, Kemetek, LLC not only provides employment to 75 of Midwest City’s brightest minds, but it also has very covert purposes as well. During the traditional 9 to 5 business hours, Kemetek LLC’s staff busies themselves enhancing computer systems and developing cutting-edge technology and sciences. Unbeknownst to the everyday 9 to 5ers, Dr. Payne’s and Kemetek’s real work begins after hours.

The very wealthy Dr. Payne personally and specifically designed Kemetek LLC to ultimately infiltrate and decommission the tyrannical governmental infrastructure of S.C.A.F. The good doctor makes occasional ‘drop-ins’ during regular business hours strictly for the sake of ‘appearances’. Utilizing the subterranean tunnels and passageways of The Nucleus, he usually arrives at Kemetek during the late, wee hours. This is also the time he works with Yosul in honing his supernatural abilities as ShadowKill.

Located in the Business and Commerce Sector of Midwest City, Kemetek is a hidden fortress in plain sight equipped with an array of features and amenities. The exterior of the 3-story facility is surrounded by an electric fence and has a concealable aircraft launchpad and hanger bay. The windows were designed similar to 2-way mirrors; you can see out, but no one can see in.

As mentioned previously, the building has a secret, subterranean access point to Lost Tribe’s home base, The Nucleus. Kemetek’s security, computer, and monitoring systems are far more advanced than that of S.C.A.F and with it’s private satellite, can monitor targets ranging from N.A.F (Northern Atlantic Front) to the E.A.F (Eastern Atlantic Front) and beyond.

Dr. Payne’s private work area occupies an entire, hidden and inaccessible penthouse level of the building. Yosul/ShadowKill’s, 1.5 acre, soundproof, impenetrable training dojo is located 1-story underground. Lost Tribe’s training camp, as well as a secondary control room, is located just above Yosul’s dojo. There’s definitely more to Kemetek, LLC than meets the eye, so dive into the S.W.A.C Book Series today at the link below!

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