Excerpt: Detective Higgins: Hard To Kill

This excerpt is from Chapter 7 of SWAC I: The Gangland Saga. Several members of the notorious, Gangland, along with several crooked-ass MCPD cops are sent to kill Detective Glenn Higgins.

Later That Night: Detective Higgins’ House

            Detective Higgins contemplated on the events surrounding his interview, as he laid in bed and drifted into a well-deserved slumber.  Several hours later, without warning, his bedroom door crashed open with multiple figures standing in the doorway.  Instinctively, he reached under his pillow, grabbed his M945 Glock with an M6 Illuminator, rolled out of, and under the bed, and within that instance, a barrage of gunfire commenced. 

            “Where is he!?” Priam boomed.  “Where’d he go?”

            “You can’t hide Higgins’!” Achilles shouted, “Come out and take it like a fuckin’ man!”

            Suddenly, gunshots riddled through the floorboards with a vengeance. 

            “What the!?” Hades gasped.

            Achilles somersaulted to the opposite side of the room, and quickly began barking orders.  “Hades, move this fuckin’ bed!  NowPriam, cover the stairwell!”  Well done, Higgins, he thought, upon viewing a trapdoor under the bed.  As his orders were carried out, he thought he’d heard the faint sound of footsteps creeping up a staircase.  Couldn’t be, he thought again, I just sent Priam to cover the steps, he silently reassured himself, peeking into the corridor.

            Cunningly, and most of all, without a sound, Detective Higgins had doubled back, and crept back upstairs through a second staircase, and now, the good detective in veteran poise remained still and mute as he blended in cleverly with the darkness of the corridor just outside his bedroom.  Achilles ordered Priam, named after the King of Troy during the Trojan War, in Greek mythology, and who’s name means, exceptionally courageous, to rejoin him and Hades, back in the bedroom.  No sooner than Priam walked past him, Detective Higgins’ quickly, cleverly, and stealthily, slithered his way back into the bedroom as well, while the trio’s backs were turned, and now continued his game of charades within the shadows.

            “What now, Achilles?” Priam queried.

            “There’s no way he could’ve gotten out the house,” Hades voiced.

            “Shut up!” Achilles roared, as Priam re-positioned himself to the same side of the room as Detective Higgins.  Finally, Achilles’ thoughts were clear.  “Why are we creeping around in the dark?  Priam, hit the fuckin’ light switch.”  He waited a few seconds, and nothing happened.  He gave the order again.  “Priam, did you hear me!?  I said, turn on the fuckin’ lights.”

            “Too late, Achilles,” Hades replied, spotting Priam unconscious on the floor.  “Look.”

            Before Achilles had the opportunity to react to Priam’s incapacitation, he instinctively saw a red beam slowly crawling up his exposed chest, through his peripheral vision.  He swiftly whirled to the opposite side o f the beam and shot his gold-plated Beretta calmly at the origin of the beam.

            “Uggghh!” cried Detective Higgins, as he was grazed a little on the top of his left

shoulder.  Without thinking, he hurled for and jumped through the nearby window with the shattering of ruptured glass as his bedfellow.  He fell upon numerous branches of the oak tree that stood next to his home, which eased his tumble with welcomed gladness.  He glanced up to see two enraged men pointing their firearms towards him while cursing and shouting.

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