Derthfang—The triborg…

It all happened in the dark. Death from the shadows, a cry heard by no one as the people echoed the word, “Stop!” It dropped to all fours and bull charged through another building. Broken bricks and debris showered unto the streets, striking and killing more innocent bystanders.

Derthfang, a triborg was fully unleashed…

-Shadow Within a City “Ghost squad’s Apocalypse

5 thoughts on “Derthfang—The triborg…

    1. Hey. Well first off thank you for visiting and supporting the page 🙂.

      Second, it’s my graphic design I created last night. I used a combination of three facial pics, two background pics along with a couple of color themes. I don’t have talent to draw or paint but I do have an eye for color scheme and creation. I’m glad you like it.

      Now, my close friend and co-author F. Kenneth Taylor paints. He’s a damn good artist. If you want I see his work and/or try to connect with him visit

      Also I hope you put your art on your blog. I would love to see it…

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      1. OK cool, I don’t know anything about graphic design. I feel so old when it comes to technology and things like that, but I love and appreciate art in all forms. Thanks for responding my dear.

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