A look at the main antagonists of SWAC Universe—Part 1

Here is part 1 to the main villains of the Shadow Within a City universe. These corrupt individuals are the focused point of the main story in which made the protagonists of their respective books grow into better persons. Part 2 will look at the villains from the greater universe, beyond the walls…

“Ian, it’s a shame things had to come to this. You know I’m not the one for long speeches, excessive wording, or elongated goodbyes—I’ve always believed actions speak louder than words—yours have, and mine will…”

-Nigel Kavanagh of Oblivion from “P.R.O.B.E. by F. Kenneth Taylor 

“You continue to impress me. You’re better than the others—I’ll enjoy killing you. Tell me your name agent so I’ll know who it is was killed when this is all over.”

Matrix, leader of The Serpent Society from Serpents & Honor by F. Kenneth Taylor 

“If you ever say my name, disrespect my orders or speak when not given permission to do so and most important—Think! I’ll kill you, your sorry ass daughter, your broke ass grandfather, and that stinking whore you call your bitch! Am I understood!?”

-BloodOath, leader of Gangland from Shadow Within a City “Gangland Saga” by F. Kenneth Taylor and K. G. Bethlehem.

“Everything sounds eccentric to you—you second grade education, elementary minded brute. The Anibot Series X is superior to the previous Astral Series in all ways. Watch and learn!”

Dr. Simeon Africanus of W.I.S.K. from Shadow Within a City “Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse” by K.G. Bethlehem and F. Kenneth Taylor

“Our right is the power we have to make it our right. Your leaders betrayed the masses many years ago. Blame them. However, you can’t because you voted for them. You argue over religion and other mindless personal wants in exchange for feeling self important, if only for a short time. You even murder people if it fits your agenda, people in your communities, or even far away by soundless weapons and quiet wars. You bicker about issues of personal freedom and would not hesitate to talk against freedom of choice if it suits your programming. You and everyone else renounce their life when you refuse to strive for freedom. What is life if you leave it in the hands of people who loathe your total being? Answer me that!”

Mr. Nathan Tosh, Lead Inquisitor for an unknown S.C.A.F. prison camp from “The Forever Spring” by K. G. Bethlehem

“Oh, it all comes out now. They are looking, they see you in all it’s everlasting. It’s beginning to bore them, I should know since you are boring me. It’s a shame—I have no faith in people that look like you…”

Kantyi Sora from “She is to be remembered” by K. G. Bethlehem

All of these books are located on Amazon, Lulu and Barnes & Noble respective websites. Also look out in the next year or so for Co-creator Joel Charles novel base off of Yosul origins. The expanding universe just keeps on getting bigger eh?

*All drawings were done by F. Kenneth Taylor and Joel Charles. Graphics design enchantments were done by K. G. Bethlehem

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